Defend London tell us what it takes to stay ahead of the game

The newest streetwear label to come out of the UK, Defend London is making waves with it's edgey designs and urban vibes. Brand Owner, Jade tell us what it takes to take menswear to the next level. 

Hi Jade, nice to meet you, how did the Defend London get started? 

Defend London was designed and developed by a group of creative people, so it's not just one person responsible for bringing this brand to the world, it was a collaboration. 

What does D.L stand for? 

Defend London is a relatively new project, the streetwear industry is so fast-paced and as strong as ever and we felt now was the right time to launch it. 

We wanted to offer something different, so we try to push our boundaries and not be afraid to try out new trends. We don't want to follow the sheep, we want to be the wolf.

b.eige d.l 2

So what sort of things inspire the designs?
I would say Defend London is inspired by an international streetwear culture, mixed with high end fashion.

Because the world is so much more accessible with social media we can instantly see what skate kids in Tokyo have got on or what the grime artists of east London are wearing. To create our own unique style, we have to stay alert to it. 

What does D.L mean to you? 

Defend London is about confidence, we want to represent the new generation. I think the UK is becoming more central for influences in music, art and fashion for the world. 

I believe this means being both confident and creative, which we want Defend London to be. 

crackled tee Defend

So tell us about your latest collection. What key themes are in it? 

We have focused on tailored pleating, paired with cut and sewn shapes, which really stand out as part of our debut collection. 

The Barnet hooded top is a key piece in the collection, the pleating on the pocket and sleeves and the quality of the fleece is incredible.

What makes D.L stand out from other brands?  

Our ever-changing view of the world is what makes us different. We try to explore the unknown and put that inspiration into our designs.
What do you think is the future of streetwear fashion?  

I think we need to respond to trends faster than ever before. Creating ranges that mix high-end trends with reinvented classics. 

What’s next for Defend London? 

We are working on a women’s collection and future D.L collections as we speak. We don't want to give away any spoilers so stay tuned. You have only seen the intro to the movie!

Thanks for talking to us Jade, we can't wait to see what the next drop of Defend London will bring.


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